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Why investors choose us

  • Real Business Investing in securities of small companies in Japan
  • High interest Stock Exchange - is a highly profitable segment of the market of investments
  • Operational support High-quality, 24/7 support at all stages of cooperation
  • Licensed script GC script is the best investment on-line platform
  • Data protection Guaranteed protection of clients' personal data
  • Automated system Comprehensible and easy to use investment instruments

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Our investment plans

  • Accumulative

    $10 - $100

    Deposit included

    100% Of profit

  • Accumulative+

    $150- $500

    Deposit included

    122% Of profit

  • 250% for 50 days

    $500 - $1000

    Deposit included

    Compounding none

  • 280% for 40 days

    $1000 - $5000

    Deposit Included

    Compounding none

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How it all works

  • Register

    Go to the registration page, fill in the required fields and get access to investment instruments

  • Create a deposit

    In your personal account in the section "Create a deposit" choose an investment plan and follow the instructions

  • Get profit

    According to the chosen plan, please, wait the required amount of time, then get access to earned dividends

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Briefly about our investment project


    Star Coin LTD - is very happy to welcome all cryptocurrency fans and those who are new to the world of digital currencies on our website! Our company is involved in financial activities related to Bitcoin trading and mining.

  • What are we doing?

    This is now a very lucrative business as Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity.

  • Why do investors choose us?

    This investment platform is the result of our intensive and fruitful work for the past few months, it is ready to offer secure asset management service on the basis of cutting-edge business, associated with Bitcoin mining as well as highly profitable trade on cryptocurrency markets.

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Project statistics

  • 28 Days on-line
  • 138 Investors

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The affiliate program of Star Coin LTD gives everyone an easy and convenient way to make profit by attracting new members.

If you are an active user of the Internet, know how to write interesting articles or reviews, you have your own website, blog, forum and other resources and ways to attract new users (both online and offline) in the investment company Star Coin LTD, and you wish to receive income from building your own network of partners, so this project is for you!

Each participant of the investment company Star Coin LTD can attract new users to the site of the project and receive 4% of the deposit of new member! The model of the affiliate program involves making a profit in the second - 1% and in the third level - 0.5% of the deposits of the invited participants.

If your referral makes a deposit on any of the represented plans, you get referral bonuses instantly to your bonus account, then you can withdraw funds to your personal e-wallet in the relevant payment system as fast as you wish.

Reward 4% - 1% - 0,5%